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Working Remotely is… Hard? Different? Strange?

My internship with Mozilla involves work within a team whose members are located around the world and not where I am. Some are Mozilla employees or maybe contractors, some are interns like me, some might be volunteers. The key point is that it’s not just me with my mentor, focused on our own area: I need to find my voice in this in group of people, and that’s where working remotely gets hard.

My very initial, tentative impressions of full-time, remote work is that it’s not bad, but it takes more getting used to than I expected. I’ve worked from home a lot, as a developer and as a teacher, but I’ve only ever collaborated on projects with people that I spend time with “at the office” or that I meet with in person from time to time. My current full-time, remote status makes me realize that chatting and getting to know coworkers between bursts of productivity is pretty valuable! Crazy! Time for me to refer you to Why working from home is both awesome and horrible.